Since 2008

Circle Of People Experiencing Grief 

COPEG is a support group for people who have lost a love one. The group was founded in 2017 by Georgia Young Moore who lost her only child, 
Derresha Shadaye Rhinehart In 2002, Shortly After She Was Diagnosed With Leukemia. Georgia is also Founder of The DSR Scholarship Foundation. COPEG is open to Mothers or Fathers Who Lost A Child. All Races And Nationalities Are Welcome. Parents Who Have Lost A Child Can Connect. Please Don’t Suffer In Silence. Everything Said In The Meetings Are Confidential, And You Only Have To Speak If You Desire. Additionally, We Only Post Your Pictures to the website or social media With Your Permission. Everything Is Free of Charge. 

C.O.P.E.G. Circle of People Experiencing Grief
If you are in need of a Support Group give C.O.P.E.G. a try please contact  Georgia Moore@ 803.448.6870
 Brenda Warren@ 803.444.1252 
 Linda Sanders@ 803.374.9060
Georgia Moore